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    Relocats -your full-cycle recruitment assistant

    • Quality

      We can say without a doubt that the highest quality is above all for us. We pay much attention to every detail in every step of the process to exceed clients' expectations And make sure they are inspired and satisfied once we close the deal.

    • Dependability

      We find the right approach to both client and candidate, like to our own, we endeavor to deliver services you can completely rely on.

    • Worldwide service

      We have much experience relocating candidates from one corner of the globe to another. So we can provide our services whatever your location is as well, as in your own country. 

    • Cost of service

      Our commission depends on the skill specification and seniority you expect from your future employee. Commission may vary from 8 to 12% from employee's annual salary.

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      We work with different IT positions varying by complexity, domain and seniority.

    Our Team

    Alina Salnikova

    Founder, CEO

    Relocats’ inspirer, captain of the board. Acting like A-player, she builds strong connections with clients and applicants. Performs main negotiations and interviews. 

    Denys Davydov

    Business Development Manager

    Denys is representing Relocats in Canada and manages all activities and communications of the company in North America.His legal experience helps our candidates to obtain their working visa, as well as provide our clients with full-cycle relocation if they need it.
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    Assia Kostelna

    Senior Software Engineer

    Technical superhero. Conducts the most difficult technical screenings. Always ready to help with essential professional advice.

    Elena Poltorak

    IT-Recruiter, Researcher

    Real “cheerleader”. Supporting and caring about an applicant are the main approaches. Elena is a professional in the acquisition of IT talents, maintaining relationships with them and also mentoring junior recruiters. 

    Daria Inozemtseva


    Being communicative and attentive, Daria shows a great result in a talent sourcing. She executes search according to tech requirements and assists in further recruitment stages. 

    Cooperation options with us

    Relocation to Canada

    Full document support, which we make for the candidate and the company at a price much lower than would be done through the state.

    Relocation to the EU  

    We provide a whole relocation cycle. You will get a help with documents and a rental apartment.

    Searching for local employees

    We have the best quality-priced services on the market.

    Hiring and selecting remote employees

    Assistance in drawing up contracts for them and invoicing. You do not need to worry about legal stuff.